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  • Swartz Creek loses regional semi-final to Bay City Western 7-3

    1st baseman Natalie Oldrham went 3-3, scoring 2 runs, with a Home Run and 2 RBI’s.
    Centerfielder Lily Majestic went 1-3, with 1 RBI.
    Right fielder Jessica Verran went 1-3, scoring 1 run.
    Pitcher Rachel Mackey pitched all 7 innings, giving
  • 2018 Metro League and Post Season Awards


    Congratulations to all of the Dragon Award Winners.  League awards are based only on the player's stats from their league play. District awards are based upon the player's stats for the entire season as well as play in the district games.


    League awards

  • Swartz Creek wins Districts at Saginaw Heritage

    Swartz Creek won the District semi-final against Saginaw Heritage 13-0 in 5 innings.

    Right fielder Jessica Verran went 3-3, with a Home Run, scoring 3 runs,and 3 RBI’s.
    Center fielder Lily Majestic went 3-3, scoring 2 runs, with a triple,
  • Swartz Creek wins single game at home against Portland

    Swartz Creek won 5-4

    Left fielder Madison Majestic went 2-4, scoring 1 run.
    Center fielder Lily Majestic went 1-3, scoring 2 runs.
    1st base man Natalie Oldrham went 1-3, scoring 1 run.
    DP Rachael Scofield went 1-3, scoring 1
  • Swartz Creek Softball wins 2 at Lake Fenton


    Game one- Swartz Creek won 4-2



    Leftfielder Madison Majestic went 3-4, scoring 2 runs, with a RBI.
    Right fielder Jessica Verran went 2-3, with 2 RBI’s.
    Shortstop Allison Dusseau went 2-4, scoring 1 run.
    Pitcher Rachel

  • Swartz Creek wins 2 at Kearsley


    Game one- Swartz Creek won 3-1



    Shortstop Allison Dusseau went 1-2, with 2 base on balls, and 1 RBI.
    1st Baseman Natalie Oldrham went 1-3, scoring a run.
    Left fielder Madison Majestic went

  • Swartz Creek Softball wins 2 at home against Flushing


    Game1- Swartz Creek won 10-0 in 5 inning mercy


    Catcher Peyton Rainwater went 2-3, with 3 RBI’s.

    Right fielder Jessica Verran went 2-3, scoring 2 runs, with 1 RBI.
    3rd baseman Carissa Slenzak went 1-1,
  • Swartz Creek wins 2 out of 3 at Portland Tournament

    Game 1- Swartz Creek 4, Portland 0


    Right fielder Jessica Verran went 3-3, with 1 RBI.
    DP Rachael Scofield went 2-3, scoring 1 run, with 2 RBI’s.
    Rachel Mackey pitched all 6 innings(time) giving up 3 hits, striking out 17 picking up the
  • Swartz Creek wins 2 at home against Owosso

    Game 1- Swartz Creek won 2-1 in 10 innings.


    Left fielder Madison Majestic went 2-4, scoring 1 run.
    Catcher Peyton Rainwater went 1-4, with a RBI.
    In the bottom of the 10th inning Madison Majestic lead off the inning with a double,
  • Swartz Creek Dragons win 2 softball games at Fenton

    Game 1- Swartz Creek 5, Fenton 1

    1st Baseman Natalie Oldrham went 2-3, with a home run, and 1 RBI.
    Leftfielder Madison Majestic went 2-3,with a run scored and 1 RBI.
    Centerfielder Lily Majestic went 2-4, with a run scored and 1 RBI.
    Pitcher Rachel
  • Swartz Creek Dragons win 2 at Linden

    Game 1- Swartz Creek 12, Linden 5


    DP Olivia Hughes went 3-5, scoring 2 runs, with 2 RBIs.
    Right Fielder Jessica Verran went 3-5, scoring 2 runs, with 1 RBI.
    Catcher Peyton Rainwater went 3-4, with 2 RBIs.
    Pitcher Rachel Mackey pitched  a

  • Swartz Creek win 2 at home vs Brandon

    Game 1- Swartz Creek 16, Brandon 0 in 3 innings.


    1st baseman Natalie Oldrham went 2-2, scoring 2 runs,with 1 RBI.
    3rd baseman Sydney Scott went 2-2, scoring 1 run, with 1 RBI.
    Catcher Peyton Rainwater went 2-2, with 2 RBIs.
    Leftfielder Madison

  • Swartz Creek Dragons win 2 at home against Davison

    Game 1- Swartz Creek won 9-3 in 7 innings.

    Catcher Peyton Rainwater went 3-3, with 1 RBI.
    Infielder Riley Stevens 1-1, with 3 runs scored.
    Infielder Carissa Slenzak went 1-1, with 1 run scored.
  • 2017 All-Metro League, All-District & All-Region Awards


    Congratulations to all of the Dragon Award Winners.  League awards are based only on the player's stats from their league play. District awards are based upon the player's stats for the entire season as well as play in the district games.


    League awards

  • Dragons Win District Championship

    Swartz Creek Wins District Title on Saturday 6-3-17 at Swartz Creek


    Game one- Swartz Creek won 12-0 over Flushing in a 5 inning contest sending them to the district final against Saginaw Heritage.

    Catcher Kylee Pierce went 2-3, scoring one run, with a home

  • Dragons Win 4-1 vs Goodrich

    Swartz Creek Dragons win single game at home against Goodrich, on Tuesday 5-30-17.

    Swartz Creek won 4-1.

    Swartz Creek could only play one game as it provided for the season maximum of 38 games.

    Catcher Kylee Pierce went 2-3, with 2
  • Dragons Split with Lake Fenton

    Swartz Creek splits doubleheader with Lake Fenton on Thursday 5-25-17.

    Game one- Swartz Creek lost 4-0.

    Left fielder Madison Majestic went 1-2.

    3rd Baseman Sydney Scott went 1-2.

    Pitcher Rachel Mackey took the loss,
  • Dragons Beat Flushing Twice

    Swartz Creek Dragons win 2 Metro League games at home against Flushing on Monday 5-22-17.

    Game one- Swartz Creek won 13-3 in 5 innings. 

    Catcher Kylee Pierce went 2-2, scoring 1 run, with 2 walks and 3 RBI’s.

    3rd Baseman Sydney Scott
  • Varsity 2-3 in Home Tournament

    Swartz Creek Dragons win 2 out of 3 on Saturday 5-20-17 as host of their tournament.

    Game one- Swartz Creek won 10-0 in 5 innings over North Branch.

    Catcher Kylee Pierce went 2-3, scoring one run, hitting a grand slam home run, with 5 RBI’s.
  • Dragons Sweep Clio

    Swartz Creek Dragons win 2 Metro League games at home against Clio on Thursday 5-18-17.

    Game one- Swartz Creek won 6-5.

    Left fielder Madison Majestic went 2-3, scoring one run, with a RBI.

    2nd baseman Rachael Scofield went 1-4, with a
  • Varsity Sweeps Fenton

    Swartz Creek Dragons win 2 at home against Fenton Monday 5-15-17.

    Game one- Swartz Creek won 5-4 in 8 innings, with the international tie breaker in place. Right fielder Jessica Verran hit a walk off home run in the bottom of the 8th inning for the win.
  • Dragons 0-3 at Saginaw Swan Valley Tournament

    Swartz Creek loses 3 games in Saginaw Swan Valley Tournament on Saturday 5-13-17.

    Game one- Swartz Creek lost to Garber 7-2.

    Game two- Swartz Creek lost to Swan Valley in 5 innings 11-0.

    Game three- Swartz Creek lost to Garber in 5 innings 12-0.

  • Creek Splits with Davison

    Swartz Creek Dragons split with Davison 5-11-17.

    Game one- Swartz Creek won 6-4 in 7 innings.

    1st baseman Natalie Oldrham went 2-2,scoring 2 runs, with 2 walks, and 2 RBI’s.

    2nd baseman Taylor Bencheck went 2-3, with a walk, and 1
  • Dragons Split with Holly

    Swartz Creek Varsity Softball splits double header with Holly on 5-8-17.

    Game one- Swartz Creek won 10-0 in 5 innings.

    Catcher Kylee Pierce went 2-4, with a RBI

    Rightfielder Jessica Verran went 3-3, scoring a run, with 2 RBI’s.


  • Varsity 2-1 at Portland Tourney

    Swartz Creek wins 2 out of 3 in Portland Tournament on Saturday 5-6-17.

    Game one- Swartz Creek lost to Portage Northern 15-0 in 3 innings.

    Shortstop Rachael Scofield went 1-1, with a walk, for Swartz Creek’s only hit.

    Pitcher Rachel Mackey pitched 2

  • Dragons Lose 2 Close Games to Brandon

    Swartz Creek Dragons Softball loses 2 games to visiting Brandon in Metro League play on Wed. 5-3-17.

    Game one- Brandon won 1-0 in 7 innings.

    Catcher Kylee Pierce was 1-3.

    Pitcher Rachel Mackey was 1-3.

    Pitcher Rachel Mackey pitched a

  • Kearsley Takes Two vs the Dragons

    Swartz Creek Dragons lose 2 at Flint Kearsley, Monday 4-24-17.

    Game one- Flint Kearsley won 7-6.

    Catcher Kylee Pierce went 2-4, hitting a home run and a double, scoring one run, with 4 RBI’s.

    2nd Baseman Rachael Scofield went 3-4, with 2 singles and a

  • Alpena Wins Swartz Creek Tourney

    Swartz Creek Softball Host Tournament Saturday 4-22-17. The tournament consisted of four teams, Swartz Creek, Laingsburg, Bay City Central, and Alpena. Alpena won the tournament after going 2-1 as did Bay City Central and Laingsburg. The tournament was decided on net runs scored for the day

  • Varsity Win 2 at Lake Orion Tourney

    Swartz Creek Dragons win 2 out of 3 games on Saturday 4-15-17 at the Lake Orion Tournament.

    Game one- Swartz Creek lost 9-0 to Oxford in 5 innings because of time limit.

    Shortstop Allison Dusseau had Swartz Creek’s only hit of the game.

    Pitcher Rachel Mackey pitched 2

  • Dragons on the road to begin Metro League Play

    Swartz Creek Dragons loses 2 at Linden on Thursday 4-13-17.

    Game one- Linden won 3-2 in 7 innings.

    Right fielder Natalie Oldrham went 2-4, scoring 1 run and reaching base on an error.
    3rd Baseman Sydney Scott went 2-2, also was hit by a pitch reaching base all 3

  • Dragons Sweep Powers

    Swartz Creek Dragons win 2 at home against Flint Powers on Tuesday 4-11-17.

    Game one- Swartz Creek won 9-2 in 7 innings.

    Center Fielder Lily Majestic went 3-4, scoring 3 runs, with 2 RBI’s, and 2 stolen bases. Catcher Kylee Pierce went 2-4, scoring 1 run, with 2

  • Dragons Sweep Corunna in Season Opener

    Swartz Creek Dragons take 2 wins at Corunna, 3-27-17.

    Game 1- Swartz Creek won 10-0 in a 5 inning Mercy Rule Game.

    Catcher Kylee Pierce went 3-4, scoring 2 runs, and threw out one base runner.

    2nd Baseman Rachael Scofield went 2-2, scoring 2 runs, with

  • 2016 All-Metro League, All-District & All-Region Awards

    Congratulations to all of the Dragon Award Winners.  League awards are based only on the player's stats from their league play. District awards are based upon the player's stats for the entire season as well as play in the district games.


    League awards are 1st team,

  • Season Ends vs Kearsley at Districts

    The 2016 season came to an end in Flushing in District play Saturday.  The Dragons offense just couldn't get the timely hits when they had scoring opportunities early in the game, which proved to be the difference.  


    Senior pitcher Madisen Henry's career came to

  • Dragons Win Predistrict Game vs Carman

    In a game that they were expected to win, the Dragons did just that.  They were the home team and ended the game with no outs in the bottom of the 5th inning by the run rule on a walk off hit by Ella Sinclair.  Next up for the Dragons will be Kearsley at 11:30am Saturday at Flushing

  • Dragons Split with Lapeer

    On the final regular season games of the season, the Dragons split with Lapeer. They finished 18-20 during the regular season and in 3rd place in the Metro league at 8-6.  Next up for the Dragons, they'll head to Flushing for a pre-district game vs. Carman-Ainsworth.  From this point

  • Another Sweep for the Dragons

    The Dragons improved their overall record on the season to 17-19 after back to back shutouts of Powers Tuesday night.  Next up they'll travel to Lapeer for their final 2 games of the

  • Dragons Get 2 Victories vs Flushing

    The Dragons got 2 more victories Monday night in Flushing.  Neither game was close and the Flushing batters were no match for Madisen Henry.  Henry is expected to pitch the first game versus Powers tonight at Swartz Creek (4pm) with 256 strikeouts on the season.  The old Swartz

  • Dragons 2-1 at Final Home Tourney

    The Dragons were oh so close to winning their first tourney of the season on Senior Day at Swartz Creek.  They certainly are continuing to improve each week and are expecting to surprise some opponents in the post season.


  • Dragons Win 2 at Goodrich

    The Dragons travelled to Goodrich Wednesday night for a non-conference double-header.  They were beaten earlier in the season by the Martians at the Lake Orion tourney on April 16th by a score of 12-2.  But, the Dragons have been working hard and improving all season long.  They

  • Dragons Sweep Holly - Henry 27 Strikeouts

    The Dragons continue to get better, sweeping Holly to even their Metro League record (6-6) and improve their overall record to 9-18.  Madisen Henry led the way again pitching both games (13 innings) and striking out 27 of the 39 batters she faced, while allowing just 6 hits.  She now

  • Dragons Sweep Clio - Henry 25 Strikeouts

    The Dragons traveled to Clio Monday night for another league double header.  They played two of their best games on the season with another great performance on the mound by Madisen Henry.  Henry tied the Dragons single season strikeout record last year with 155.  Now, every

  • Couple More Tough Losses for the Dragons

    The Dragons lost a couple of tough games to league foe Kearsley Tuesday night in Swartz Creek.  Madisen Henry pitched a couple of great games again, but the offense could not match her performance.  The defense played fairly well in the first game, although a few errors with 2 outs

  • Dragons Get Two Wins at Brandon

    The Dragons traveled to Brandon for a couple of conference games on Monday night.  They put together two of the best games they've played all year.   Senior co-captain pitcher Madisen Henry had 21 strikeouts total in both games.  Kylee Pierce and Natalie Oldrham each hit home

  • Dragons 1-2 in 1st Hosted Tourney

    Swartz Creek 6  Dewitt 2

    The Dragons played one of their best games of the year in the first game of this weekend's tournament at Swartz Creek.  As the visiting team they threatened to score in the top of the 1st inning with a 1 out hit by Kylee Pierce, which was followed by

  • Pair of Close Losses for Dragons

    Swartz Creek 0  Linden 3

    The Dragons could only manage 2 hits in the opener against league foe Linden on Monday night. Creek had only one error and a few mental lapses.  Credit goes to Linden who made several outstanding catches on defense in the outfield throughout (both)

  • Dragons Continue to Improve at Lake Orion Tournament

    The Dragons went 1-2 Saturday at the Lake Orion Tournament, but continue to improve.  The defense is where the most progress is being made and hitting is expected to come around through the season as well.  Pitching has been solid all year.  The games had time limits, which

  • Varsity Home vs Lake Orion


    The Dragons actually played better than the scores suggests tonight at Swartz Creek.  There were a lot of positives and improvements with coaches trying players in different positions etc.  The Dragons also rested their senior captain pitcher Madisen Henry in the

  • Dragons Swept in Metro League Opener

    Fenton 10  Swartz Creek 0

    The Dragons struggled in the first game in pretty much every way possible.  Managing only 3 hits, while committing 4 errors and several mental mistakes.  There's no sugar coating it.  Madisen Henry pitched the entire game, which ended by

  • Dragons Split with Grand Blanc in Season Opener

    The Swartz Creek Dragons Varsity Softball team began their 2016 season on the road at Grand Blanc.  It was a good trip for the team who played a couple of pretty good games earning a spilt with the Bobcats.


  • Dragons Season Ends at Regionals

    Midland 6  Swartz Creek 1

    The Dragons would be the visiting team.  In the top of the 1st inning they were retired in order.  Midland managed a walk and double, but were kept off the scoreboard too.  The Dragons went down in order again in the top of the 2nd, but

  • 2015 All-League & All-District Awards

    Congratulations to all of the Dragon Award Winners.  League awards are based only on the player's stats from their league play. District awards are based upon the player's stats for the entire season as well as play in the district games.


    League awards are 1st team,

  • Dragons Win District Title!

    Swartz Creek 10  Carman-Ainsworth 0

    The first game of the district tourney was never very close.  The Dragons got great pitching from Phoebe Cross who scattered 4 hits in 5 shutout innings with 5 strikeouts.  For the Dragons Lauren Pletscher led the team with 3 hits

  • Creek Sweeps Corunna

    The Dragons were set to travel to Clarkston tonight, but they had to make up leauge games.  Instead they played host to Corunna.  Neither game was very close so there are only box scores tonight.


  • Dragons Improve to .500; Sweep Flushing

    Swartz Creek 7  Flushing 3

    Flushing took advantage of a couple errors by the Dragons and a double to score 2 runs in the top of the 1st.  Ella Sinclair walked to begin the bottom of the 1st for the Dragons.  She advanced to 2nd on a passed ball.  With 1 out she

  • Dragons Play 3 Great Games at Home Tourney

    The Dragons played their 4th and final tournament of the season at home Saturday.  They played 3 of the best games they've played all season, but came up short in 2 of them.


    Swartz Creek 1  Portland 2

    In the top of the 1st Portland got a lead off walk.

  • Dragons Split with #7 Lake Orion

    It was a tale of two games tonight for the Dragons.  They traveled to Lake Orion to play the #7 ranked Lake Orion Dragons.  The first game was one of their best of the season, but the nightcap was not.


    Swartz Creek 2  Lake Orion 1

    Ella Sinclair

  • Dragons Take 2 at Holly

    Sorry...only box scores tonight...The Dragons came out a little slow tonight after taking several days off for the prom and playing a lot of games last week.  After shaking the rust off, they crusied to a couple lopsided victories.


    Swartz Creek 13  Holly

  • Dragons Sweep Powers

    The Dragons traveled to Flint Powers Wednesday night for a non-conference double-header.  


    Swartz Creek 6  Powers 3

    In the top of the 1st inning Ella Sinclair led off with a single. Lauren Black doubled to score Sinclair. Black moved to 3rd on a ground

  • Dragons Split with Clio

    Swartz Creek 3  Clio 1

    The Dragons worked out of a jam in the top of the 1st in the opener with Clio loading the bases, but failing to score.  Kylee Pierce got a 1-out double in the bottom of the 1st for the Dragons.  Hailey Dupuis came into courtesy run.  With 2

  • Dragons 3-2 at Stars Tourney Winning Flight

    The Dragons played 5 games in the Michigan Stars tournament in Grand Blanc Saturday and Sunday.  They went 3-2 winning their Flight, but did not qualify for the Championship Bracket in the field of 48 teams.  The games had an hour and twenty minute time limits.  After Saturday's

  • Dragons lose in 13 innings; Swept by Kearsley


    Kearsley 6  Swartz Creek 4

    The Dragons lost a heartbreaker in the opener at Kearsley in the bottom of the 13th inning.  Despite the loss, it was probably the best game they've played as a team this year.  It was certainly a great game for all of the

  • Varsity Swept by Brandon

    Due to time constraints...only the box scores tonight....


    Brandon 5  Swartz Creek 2

    For Swartz Creek Danielle Heron had a hit and walk.  Kylee Pierce had a sacrifice fly RBI, sacrifice bunt and walk.  Natalie Oldrham walked and scored.

  • Dragons 1-2 in Saturday's Tourney at Swartz Creek

    The Dragons played their second tourney of the 2015 season on Saturday at home in Swartz Creek.  They came out strong in the first game, but lapsed in game two.  The third game was better, but their late inning rally came up short and they ended up 1-2 on the

  • Dragons Take 2 at Linden

    The Dragons traveled to Linden Tuesday night for a metro league double header was some kind of cold!  Of all my years coaching and watching games as a parent I can't recall a colder day of playing softball.  But, the Dragons bats were on fire!



  • Dragons 1-2 at Lake Orion Tourney

    The Dragons traveled to Lake Orion for a 3 game tourney on a beautiful sunny April day.  Swartz Creek coaches were very pleased with the efforts by the team winning 1 of 3, but a comeback in the 3rd game was shortened by a time limit.  It could have easily resulted in a second win for

  • Fenton Wins Both in League Opener

    The Dragons played their league and home opener versus the defending Metro League Champion Fenton Tigers Thursday night.  And it looks like Fenton has a great chance to win it again this year.  Their strong hitting, fielding and pitching was too much for the Dragons to

  • 2015 Season Opener - Varsity Split with Grand Blanc

    The Swartz Creek Dragons opened their 2015 season on the road at Grand Blanc. The last several years these games between the two teams have been snowed out, so a little bit of wind with a dry field was greatly appreciated.


    Grand Blanc 4  Swartz Creek

  • 2014 League, District & Region Awards


    fml_logoCongratulations to all of the Dragon Award Winners.  League awards are based only on the player's stats from their league play. District awards are based upon the

  • 2014 Dragons Season Ends

    The Dragons travelled to Kearsley Saturday for district play.  They played Carman Ainsworth in their first game getting an easy win 10-0 in 5 innings.  Keasley took on Flushing in the second game.  Kearsley also won in lopsided fashion 8-0.  The Dragons and Kearsley split a

  • Varsity Regular Season Ends

    The 2014 regular season ended with a pair of defeats versus league opponent Brandon.  The Dragons will travel to Kearsley on Saturday, May 31st to play Carman Ainsworth at 10:00am in Districts.  The winner will take on the winner of the Kearsley-Flushing game played at 12:00pm that

  • Varsity Drops Two at Fenton


    The Dragons travelled to Fenton for league play Wednesday night.  Fenton had 2 losses in the league, so Creek would have to win both for any shot at a leauge title.  But, the defending back-to-back league champs were no match for the Fenton Tigers.  The Dragons

  • 2014 Swartz Creek Girls Youth Softball Clinic

    The Swartz Creek Girls Youth Softball League held their 2014 clinic Sunday afternoon with the members of the varsity softball team helping the girls to learn the game of softball.  It was another good turnout and the weather cooperated.  The day began with a pitching

  • Varsity Sweeps Holly

    The Dragons played very well Monday night sweeping leauge opponent Holly on a beautiful night in Swartz Creek.  Kylee Pierce and Hailey Dupuis, who have been playing with the varsity during weekend tournaments, were called up for the remainder of the season.  All 16 members of the

  • Varsity goes 1-2 at this Weekend's Tourney

    The Dragons coaching staff were a little short-handed this weekend, so I'm only able to post box scores. The tournament was moved from Swartz Creek to Brandon due to field conditions.


    The Dragons played a couple of great games despite dropping 2 of 3.  Phoebe Cross

  • Great Games at Varsity Home Tourney

    Swartz Creek 8  Flushing 9

    In the top of the 1st Flushing got things going with a 1-out walk. With 2 outs a single and 3 doubles gave them a 4-0 lead before the inning

  • Varsity & Clio Split

    Swartz Creek 0  Clio 2


    If you like close defensive games, this one was for you.  Phoebe Cross pitched a perfect game through the end of the 5th inning, but in the bottom of the 6th a lead off walk, 1-out single, double stolen base and single later the game was

  • Varsity Splits with Kearsley

    The Dragons travelled to Kearsley for a Flint Metro League double header.  It turned out to be probably the best game-day weather they've had this season.  The first game was a battle to the very end with Creek coming out on top, but the second game went the other way.  The

  • Varsity 2-1 at Stars Tourney

    After being washed out of Saturday's games, the tournament was shortened to only play 3 pool games.  The games were shortened to 1 hour and 10 minutes with the longest game only going 5 innings.  The Dragons came out a little slow, but finished strong winning their final 2

  • Varsity Back on Winning Track vs Lapeer East

    The Dragons had a couple days off last week, prom on Saturday and a practice Sunday with team dinner.  They came out refreshed tonight taking both games at home versus Lapeer East.  The biggest difference was they got the offense going again.


    Swartz Creek

  • Varsity Swept by Lapeer West

    Swartz Creek 1  Lapeer West 11


    Carah Pletscher started on the mound for the Dragons keeping West off the scoreboard after 2 innings of play.  Creek managed what would be their only run of the day in the bottom of the 2nd with a lead off single by Lauren Black

  • Varsity Drops Pair to Lake Orion

    On a beautiful summer like night the Dragons took on the Dragons of Lake Orion in a non-conference double header.  It would be a rough night for the Swartz Creek pitching staff.


    Swartz Creek 2  Lake Orion 13


    Creek only managed 5 hits in

  • Varsity Clarkston Tourney Results

    The Dragons traveled to Clarkston for a 3 game round robin tournament on Saturday.  To say they started the day off slowly would be an understatement.  In fact, it was just plain ugly.  However, they did manage to play somewhat better in the second game and far better in the

  • Varsity Sweeps Linden in League Opener

    The Dragons traveled to Linden Thursday night to open play in the Flint Metro League.  The weather was great and the girls came out ready to play in the first game. The tone was set in the first inning of the first game as they scored 10 runs and kept the momentum through both games. 

  • Varsity Wins 2014 Opener at Goodrich

    On a bitter cold and windy night the Dragons traveled to Goodrich to open their 2014 season.  The rain and snow held off almost entirely, but the wind was fierce.  Both teams overcame the elements and played a great game.  In the end it was the Dragons who would come out on

  • Carah Pletscher Signs NLI

    Congratulations to Carah Pletscher, who signed her National Letter of Intent to play softball for Oakland University Wednesday night at Total Sports in Wixom, Michigan.  Several Finesse Fastpitch travel softball coaches, Swartz Creek coaches, friends and family were on hand to celebrate

  • Fall Workouts

    The high school softball players from grades 9-12 are participating in the fall workouts these days.  New Assistant Varsity Coach Greg Cruthers is conducting the workouts, which is teaching the

  • 2013 All-State Awards


    Congratulations to Allie Jo Brookman and Hayley Cruthers for receiving 2013 All-State Awards. 


    Allie Jo Brookman - Honorable Mention All-State - Utility

  • 2013 All-Region Awards & Miss Softball Nomination



    The team success of the Dragons has once again helped to reward some players for their outstanding play this season. The Regional Awards, like the League & District Awards, have been announced prior to the softball banquet. Players will receive their

  • Dragons Record Books Rewritten


    During the past 2 seasons the Dragons had a record of 59 wins and 15 losses, which may be the best 2-year record that will ever be had in Swartz Creek softball history.  The ladies have certainly set the bar high for future teams with 2 Flint Metro League Championships, 1

  • Dragons Season Comes to an End


    The Dragons went to Flushing in hopes of winning another district title, but they would fall short with a tough loss in the Championship game to Kearsley ending their 2013 season.



  • Swartz Creek Signing Day

    On Wednesday May 22, the Swartz Creek Senior athletes who will be going on to participate in college athletics gathered for the ceremonies at the High School. Congratulations to AJ Brookman & Lauren Adas who will be teammates for another couple years at Mott Community College and Hayley

  • Senior Day & Dragons Tourney


    It was a beautiful day at the old softball park in Swartz Creek today as the Dragons played their last games of the season at home.  It was also Senior Day with the four seniors Emily Rodriguez, Lauren Adas, AJ Brookman, and Hayley Cruthers taking their last

  • Dragons One Step Closer to Flint Metro League Championship



    The Dragons traveled to Lapeer West for a Flint Metro League double-header Thursday.  They were all business winning both games by the run rule.  They improved their overall record to 20-6 and league record to 13-1.  They will play their last league

  • Dragons Split with Lake Orion


    The Dragons were back in action Monday night at Lake Orion for a non-conference double-header.  They looked rusty in the opener after having a 3-day break from softball with Prom and Mother's Day.  But, they bounced back nicely in the

  • Dragons Sweep Clio


    The Dragons swept Clio Thursday night to improve their overall record to 17-5 and league best record of 11-1.  The ladies will have the weekend off for Mother's Day before travelling to Lake Orion on Monday night for a non-conference

  • Middle School Teams


    It was picture day on Monday for the 7th and 8th grade softball teams.   I snapped this photo of both teams before the varsity games versus Kearsley.  Good Luck Ladies!


    click the photo for the full-size

  • Unbelievable Comeback! Dragons Sweep Kearsley


    You just gotta read this one to believe it.  It will go down as one of the most memorable games in Dragons history.  The Dragons improve their overall record to 15-5 and league record to 9-1.


    Swartz Creek 9  Kearsley 8

    AJ Brookman

  • Stars Tourney Scores


    The Dragons first time in the Michigan Stars tourney made for great competitive games and practice for the remainder of the season.  The team finished with  a 3-2 record on the weekend.


    Swartz Creek 3  N. Farmington 2

    N. Farmington

  • Creek and Clarkston Split

    The Dragons went on another road trip down to Clarkston to play a non-conference double-header.  The weather was beautiful again.  The ladies dropped the first game, but bounced back nicely in the nightcap to earn a split. 


    Swartz Creek 3  Clarkston

  • Dragons Win Both at Brandon


    The Dragons got a couple of league wins tonight versus Brandon easily winning both games by the run rule. 


    Swartz Creek 13  Brandon 2

    Hayley Cruthers led off the first game with a double followed by a rocket line drive double by Carah

  • Dragons Sweep Lapeer East


    The Dragons were firing on all cylinders Monday night at Lapeer East to improve their overall record to 7-2 and Flint Metro League record to 5-1.


    Swartz Creek 13  Lapeer East 0


    Hayley Cruthers led off the game with a walk

  • Varsity 2-1 at Bay City Western Tourney


    The Dragons improved their record to 5-2 after a 3 game round robin tournament at Bay City Western High School.  The weather was spectacular all day long, but the Dragons were not equal to the task playing arguably one of their worst overall games since the 2010 season

  • Varsity Wins Both vs Linden


    On the most beautiful day of this year so far, the Dragons came out ready to play league foe Linden.  They easily won the opener, but struggled early in the nightcap before coming back from a 4 run deficit to win the game.  They improved their league & overall

  • Varsity Splits Home & Season Opener

    Monday night at the Jacob Brisendine softball complex the Dragons opened their season (finally) after having their first 11 games rained or snowed out. 




  • Vine Contest

    Vine Contest

    Are all the rainouts & snowouts getting you down?  Well then it's time for some fun.  We're going to have a ...

  • Ruby Tuesday Give Back

    2013 Swartz Creek Softball Ruby Tuesday Give Back


    Ruby Tuesday wants to reward our program by giving back for all we do for the community!

  • Brandon Games Cancelled

    Thursday's Games vs Brandon have been cancelled. 


    With the number of games likely to be rained out during our "Monsoon" season being high, it is mandatory to reschedule league games.  Non-conference games are optional, but every attempt will be made to

  • Clarkston Games Cancelled

    Tuesday's games vs. Clarkston have been cancelled.


    Let's hope the weather forecast is wrong for the remainder of the week....


    Spring Clean Up

    Saturday April 6th - Spring Clean Up - Swartz Creek Softball Program - Photo Gallery



  • Watch Varsity Games Online!


    Follow Dragon Softball Online in 2013


    Yes just like you've watched your favorite college games live on Gametracker, you will now be able to watch the 2013 Swartz Creek Dragons Varsity Softball Games Live this year.  And if you can't watch it live, no

  • Winter Blues


    Remember Last Spring?


    Last year during the week of tryouts the weather had been so nice that the coaches were seriously thinking about having tryouts outside on the Varsity and JV fields.  The temperatures were above 60 degrees every day that

  • Creek Girls Dominate in Winter Ball


    Many of the Swartz Creek high school softball players participated in the indoor leagues at the Genesee Fieldhouse this winter.  There were 2 sessions, the first from November through December and the second from January through February.   Creek had two teams in each

  • All-Area Softball Team



    The diamond's best: 2012 Flint Journal All-Area softball team announced


  • Dragons Dream Season Ends at CMU

    The trip to Central Michigan University to play in the Quarter Finals against Hudsonville would prove to be the last trip for the season.  158 Division 1 teams began

  • All Region Awards


    The team success of the Dragons has once again helped to reward many players for their outstanding play this season. The Regional Awards, like the League & District Awards, have been announced prior to the softball banquet. Players will receive their official awards at the



    Another first for the Dragons.....Regional Champions!  They beat Bay City Central in the semi-finals game by a score of 5-2.  Then, they beat Alpena by a score of 2-1 in another nail-biter in the finals to win the first ever Regional Championship for the Swartz Creek

  • League & District Awards Announced


    fml_logoWith the success of the 2012 Swartz Creek Dragons Varsity Softball Team it should be no surprise that they brought home many league and district awards. League awards are based

  • Senior Night: Two Wins vs Carman


    It was senior night in Swartz Creek as the 5 players played their final two games on the Dragons Varsity Field.  Left-to-Right:  Coach Clolinger, Michaela Krusina (4-year starter), Gabby Deering (3-year starter), Coach Messer, Emily Weekly (1st year player), Ashlyn Beck

  • Dragons Win Flint Metro League Championship!


    Remember this date: May 21st, 2012.  Because, that's the date that the Swartz Creek Dragons Varsity Softball Team won their first ever Flint Metro League Championship!  It was a day filled with a range of emotions, but after it was determined the games would be played, the

  • Dragons Host & Win Tourney


    The Dragons hosted and won their invitational tournament today.  They beat Brandon, then lost a heartbreaker to Frankenmuth, but came back to easily beat Bay City Western for the second time this season and won via the tiebreaker rule, which came down to runs scored. 

  • Dragons Alone in First Place After Sweeping Lapeer East


    The Dragons took care of business tonight out in Lapeer beating East twice to improve their league record to 12-2 and overall record to 26-4.  And with Fenton and Kearsley splitting their double header tonight, that puts the Dragons alone in first place with Fenton & Kearsley

  • Dragons Take Two vs Powers


    The Dragons continued their winning ways winning both games versus Powers.  They got their 23rd & 24th wins on the season.  Each time they win from this point forward they will set the new school record for wins in a season.  In 2010 they won 22 games with 16

  • Big Win for Varsity Dragons vs Kearsley!


    Swartz Creek 3  Kearsley 0

    The Varsity Dragons came out ready to play tonight in the makeup game versus Kearsley, which picked up in the bottom of the 3rd inning with runners on the corners, 2 outs, and Creek leading 2-0.  They looked sharp and

  • 2 More Wins for Varsity vs Brandon


    With all this time off recently for the prom & rained out games one might have expected the Dragons to be a bit sluggish and start slowly versus league opponent Brandon.  But, this is the Year of the Dragon....remember?  The ladies wasted no

  • Varsity Wins Both Games at Lapeer West with Authority


    Last Thursday's lackluster performance in the first game versus Kearsley is a distant memory by now.  After getting rained out the in the nightcap, which will be made up Tuesday May 15th at 4:00pm in Creek, the bad weather also cancelled their tourney Saturday giving

  • Varsity Loses Game 1, Game 2 Postponed


    Kearsley 6  Swartz Creek 4

    Well, the wheels fell off the bus tonight as a lethargic looking group of girls took the field for the Dragons.  And that is exactly how the game played out. It was difficult to watch the recently dominant Dragons come out

  • Creek Wins Both at Clio


    The Dragons just put together two more extremely well played games to win both games of the double header against their league foe Clio Mustangs.  The wins improved their league record to 5-1 and overall record to 17-3.  There would be no letdown from their recent tourney

  • Varsity Wins Bay City Western Tournament


    Great Pitching!  Great Defense!  Great Hitting!  The Dragons go 3-0 winning their second tournament of the season and improved their overall record to 15-3.  Oh by the way....last year they only won 13 games, so to say things were looking up would be a

  • Awesome Varsity Team Poster!!!


    On behalf of the Swartz Creek Varsity Softball Coaches, Players, Friends & Family, and Fans we would like to thank all of the sponsors who so generously donated the funds necessary for the Varsity team to have the most incredible team poster created to pass along throughout

  • Dragon Varsity Sweeps Holly


    The Dragons came out ready to play tonight in another windy and cold evening for softball.  They hosted a league opponent (Holly Bronchos) and improved their Flint Metro League record to 3-1 with a couple of one-sided victories.  Their overall record improved to 12-3,

  • Varsity Splits with Linden


    The Dragons got off to a slow start Monday night, yet still had a chance at taking the lead in the top of the 6th inning, but failed to hang on ending up losing their first league game of the season.  They once again came roaring back in game 2 of a double-header to

  • Varsity Splits with Clarkston


    The Dragons beat another pre-season ranked team tonight in the opener versus Clarkston and made the second game really interesting with runners in scoring position in the bottom of the 7th before coming up short.  But, they played a pretty good game and received praise from the

  • Varsity Overcomes First Loss of Season


    The Dragons travelled to Goodrich to take on the Martians in another pair of non-league games.  And they were in control of the game before suffering their first true "meltdown moment" of the season, making 5 total errors in the bottom of the 5th & 6th innings to

  • Varsity Wins Owosso Tourney


    Swartz Creek 14  Oxford 6

    The Dragons had another come from behind win versus Oxford in the first game on the day at the Owosso Invitational.  They scored a run in the bottom of the first with a walk by Hayley Cruthers who advanced to second base on a Gabby Deering

  • Varsity Sweeps Flushing

    Swartz Creek 6  Flushing 1

    The Dragons scored first with an RBI single by Lauren Adas in the 2nd inning to score AJ Brookman, who reached base on a dropped 3rd strike.  Gabby Deering walked in the 3rd with Michaela Krusina reaching base on an error.  Hailey Fox

  • Home Opener Wins for Varsity


    Swartz Creek 6  -  Grand Blanc 3

    The varsity began their 2012 season with an extra-inning thriller against the visiting Grand Blanc Bobcats.  The game was scoreless after 5 innings with sophomore pitcher Carah Pletscher allowing no hits for the

  • Remember Last Year?


    Do you remember last year's weather?  Yea....kind of hard to forget. Yell  But, just in case I have a couple photos I used in articles in late April

  • 2011 SCGYSL Final Standings

    2011 10-12 Champs American Associates defeated Ultimate Quality Home Improvement 6-3.


  • Micheala Krusina Receives All-State Award


    Congratulations go to Swartz Creek's Michaela Krusina for being named as a 2011 MHSSCA Division l All-State player - Honorable Mention for Third Base.  Krusina is believed to be the first ever softball player from Swartz Creek to receive All-State

  • Lauren Pletscher Sings the National Anthem


    This video is of 12 year old Lauren Pletscher, sister of the Dragons Carrah Pletscher, performing the National Anthem at the Jacob Brisendine Softball Complex in Swartz Creek before the district game between Flushing & Carman

  • 2011 Varsity Softball Awards Banquet


    The Swartz Creek Softball Program had their annual banquet and awards dinner Tuesday night at the Genesys Banquet Center in Grand Blanc. There were several awards earned this year. Eight of the young ladies received Flint Metro League Scholar Awards with grade point

  • Flushing Ends Creek's Season

    Flushing 6  Swartz Creek 2

    Flushing beat Swartz Creek 6-2 to advance in the districts Tuesday night and also to end the 2011 Dragons season.  The game was tight through the 6th inning, but the Raiders bats and pitching proved to be better on this day.  Flushing had 11

  • Fenton Sweeps Varsity


    The first game at Fenton was something to forget about for sure as the Dragons were mercied 18-3.  On the bright side Michaela Krusina hit her 6th home run on the season knocking in Gabby Deering who also had a hit.  Hayley Cruthers had an RBI single to score Lauren Adas who

  • 2011 Youth Clinic & Alumni Game

    The weather was beautiful Saturday afternoon for the annual Swartz Creek Girls Youth Softball Clinic.  The varsity team, SCGYSL, Karen

  • Varsity Tournament Results at Kearsley


    The Dragons travelled to Kearsley for a 4-game tournament and the weather was perfect.  The ladies had their moments, but the tough competition proved to be too much as they dropped all 4 games. 

    In the opener vs Bay City Western the game was well played until the

  • Varsity Wins Pair vs Lapeer East


    The Dragons got their bats going tonight versus Lapeer East to sweep the visiting Metro League opponents and even their league record to 7-7 and 13-12 overall.  They used 11 hits in the opener to win 10-3 and 10 hits in the nightcap to win 16-1 in 3 innings.

    Allie Jo

  • REALLY???


    Goodrich made the trip, both teams were warmed up, the national anthem played, and the first innning underway......and then the slight mist turned into a downpour flooding the field and sending everybody home.  It's unlikely these games will be made up, but if so we'll post them

  • Lackluster Losses for Varsity at Brandon


    The Dragons are on a roll.  Unfortunately that roll is in the wrong direction.  They've lost 7 of their last 8 games now with a pair of lackluster performances at Brandon tonight taking their overall record to 11-12 and league record to 5-7.  If they are to have any

  • Varsity Splits with Powers


    The games played tonight ranged from as bad as it gets to as good as it gets.  The opener is better to be left forgotten for the Dragons as they squandered a 5-2 lead with a complete fielding meltdown in the 6th inning that put them behind 10-5 after committing 8 errors. They

  • West Takes 2 From Varsity


    Lapeer West took a pair from the Varsity 4-1 and 7-2 Monday night in Swartz Creek.  The Dragon's bats went cold with the West pitchers allowing only 5 hits in the opener and 4 in the nightcap. 

    In the first game Hayley Cruthers had 2 hits and scored the only run of

  • Kearsley Takes 2 from Varsity


    The Dragons dropped a pair to the Kearsley Hornets Thursday night to fall to 5-3 in the Flint Metro League with an overall record of 10-7.  The opening game was a well played game that was tied several times at 2-2, 3-3, & 5-5. But, Kearsley took the lead in the 5th inning

  • Varsity Sweeps Holly


    It was cold, windy, and sprinkling all afternoon and into the evening at Holly on Tuesday, but that didn't stop the Dragons bats from cooking up 23 total runs in the metro league double header.  Combine that with solid pitching and good defense and you get a couple of wins

  • Varsity Splits with Clio


    The Dragons played a couple of solid ball games with only a couple mistakes to earn a split with the Clio Mustangs. This takes their overall record to 8-5 with a league record of 3-1.  The ladies travel to Holly tomorrow for a couple more league games that were originally rained

  • Varsity Finishes 2-1 in Tourney


    Swartz Creek goes 2-1 on Saturday losing 3-2 to Flushing in the championship game. 

    Swartz Creek 13  New Lothrop 11  - The Dragons jumped out to a 6-0 lead, but the Hornets fought back to take a 11-9 lead going into the 6th inning.  Creek scored 4

  • Yes, More Rainouts


    The Freshman, JV, & Varsity Games have been cancelled today (Thursday, April 28, 2011). 

    The JV and Varsity games versus Holly have been rescheduled for Tuesday, May 3 2011.  JV will be home and the Varsity will play at Holly.

    No word yet

  • Michaela Krusina's Monster Game


    Michaela Krusina had a monster game for the Dragons thrilling come from behind win at Frankenmuth.  Ashlyn Beck pitched the first 3 innings allowing 1 run with 2 strike outs. Meagan Photiou came into finish the game on the mound allowing 3 runs in 4 innings.

    The game

  • Varsity Wins 2 Loses 1 at Bay City Western


    Saturday April 23, 2011 - Bay City Western Tournament

    Tawas 12, Swartz Creek 1

    The day started out pretty ugly for the Dragons who certainly performed well below their capability losing to Tawas 12-1.  There were just too many mental and

  • Varsity Drops Pair to Dragons


    The Dragons dropped a pair to the Dragons of Lake Orion Thursday night.  The first game was dominated by the Lake Orion Left-handed pitcher, who struck out 12, while only allowing 2 hits.  Michaela Krusina & Gabby Deering each had singles for Creek.  Ashylyn Beck

  • Varsity Wins 2011 Season, League, & Home Opener


    Game 1

    After their first 2 double-headers and scrimmage were snowed out the week before the spring break, the varsity softball team was anxious to get their season underway.  The cool night began with hot bats for the Dragons as they wasted no time scoring 5 of

  • The 2011 Softball Schedules Published


    The 2011 Swartz Creek Softball schedules have been published.  You can check the Schedules page on the Swartz Creek Softball web site for the direct link to, which

  • Swartz Creek Catcher's Camp


    There will be a camp for catchers at the Swartz Creek High School Gym from 11:00am - 2:00pm on Sunday, February 20th and Sunday, February 27th.  The cost is $15 for each Sunday.  The camps are open to Swartz Creek softball players from Middle School through High School.  Please bring

  • 2011 Spring Sports Season Tryouts


    Tryouts for the 2011 high school spring sport's season begin the week of March 14th.

    Teams will be posted as soon as possible following tryouts.

  • US Softball Academy Clinics

    Softball Clinics in the Area

    The US Softball Academy is offering clinics through Powers Catholic High School, which will be held in the Gym of Holy Family in downtown Grand Blanc on various dates in February.

    Visit the US Softball Academy web site for more information on these

  • Ashlyn Beck in City of Lights Showcase

    Beck in City of Lights Showcase

    Watching her older brother walk out onto the baseball diamond ignited Ashlyn Beck’s passion at a very young age. The following year she signed on to her first team playing in the Swartz Creek Youth Girls Softball League 7-9 year old division. A lot has

  • Cruthers in All-Star Showcase

    Softball season never seems to end for Swartz Creek's Hayley Cruthers

    , August 12, 2010 9:56 p.m.

    FLINT, Michigan — ...

  • Dragons in the 2010 CANUSA Games

    Dragons in 2010 CANUSA Games

    Each year players are selected from the Flint IMA League's summer teams (aka Whaley League)to participate in the annual CANUSA Games in which teams from the Greater Flint Area play teams from the Hamilton area of Ontario, Canada. This year the

  • Summer Team News - Flint Journal

    Swartz Creek softball team using the summer to try and build on last season's success

    , July 28, 2010 12:38 p.m.

  • Freshman Receives All-Region Award

    Freshman Hayley Cruthers Receives All-Region Award

    There were many awards earned in 2010 for several members of the varsity softball team.  And there was recently another as freshman Hayley Cruthers received All-Region honors as one of the top two short stops in the

  • Chris Burt MVP of Mott Bruin Classic

    Mott Bruin All-Star Classic volleyball match doesn't fail to impress

    Published: Wednesday, June 23, 2010, 12:00 PM     Updated: Monday, June 28, 2010, 4:20 PM
  • Softball Banquet & Awards Night

    Softball Banquet & Awards Night

    The Dragons had their softball banquet and awards night on Tuesday, June 8th. The food was great and the awards were plentiful, which made for a fitting end to the winningest season yet for 5th year coach Rick Clolinger. The team lost their district

  • Chris Burt Signs Letter of Intent

    Swartz Creek athletes Nichole Casler, Chris Burt sign college scholarships

    , June 07, 2010 1:57 p.m.

    Over the past few years,

  • Kearsley 5, Swartz Creek 3

    Season Comes to an End for the Dragons

    In their pre-district game versus the Kearsley Hornets, the Dragons season came to an end after losing a tough game 5-3. The Dragons fell behind 3-0 in the first inning, but battled back to cut the lead to 4-3 in the 4th inning. But, the junior

  • JV Mercies Carman-Ainsworth

    Pitchers make short work out of hot night

    Game time conditions were sweltering hot and so were Ashlyn Beck and AJ Brookman.  Both hurler's threw 2-hit shutouts in mercy shortened games at Carman-Ainsworth. Game one ended in 5
  • Varsity Sweeps Carman-Ainsworth

    Dragons Finish Regular Season With 22-15 Record

    The Dragons got off to a slow start in the opener in their final appearance of the season at the Jacob Brisendine Softball Complex Thursday night versus Carman-Ainsworth. The game was scoreless going into the bottom of the 5th inning

  • Another Sweep for JV

    Big night for the Dragons

    Ashley Bush(4-4) and Lauren Adas(3-3) were perfect on the night as the Creek swept the Eagles. Ashlyn Beck only allowed one hit in the opener as the Creek put up 12 runs in a 12-0
  • Varsity Trounces Lapeer East

    Varsity Breaks Losing Streak

    There's no doubt it is a down year for the Lapeer East Eagles. They're young and inexperienced, but it was all business for the Dragons as they trounced the home team 21-0 in the first game and 16-1 in the nightcap. The sweep gave the Dragons a 9-9 record

  • Youth Summer Schedules

    Swartz Creek Youth Girls Softball League

    • Home team uses 3rd base dugout/bench
    • Home team provides new game ball
    • Second team listed is the home team

    2010 7-9 Year Old's Summer Schedule

    Team 1 - Gaines
    Team 2 - Majestic

  • Benches Needed!

    Benches Needed for the Swartz Creek Youth Girls Softball League


    JV Sweeps Ortonville-Brandon

    Defense + Offense= Victories

    The Dragons total team attack proves too much for a high quality Brandon team. The Creek defense behind the pitching of Ashlyn Beck's 2 hitter and AJ Brookman's 4 hit shut out sent the Hawks home packing. Brandon got on the board early in the first
  • Varsity Swept by Ortonville-Brandon

    Dragons Nearly Beat Another Top Team in the League

    Tough losses this season to some of the stronger softball programs in the Flint Metro League have somewhat stole the thunder of an otherwise successful year for the Dragons. With only 2 league games left vs Lapeer East this Monday the

  • Middle School Softball Cookout

    Middle School Softball Cookout

    The 7th and 8th grade softball banquet is this Saturday at the Middle School. We plan on having a mother/daughter softball game followed by a cookout (Dave Burt will be the Master Griller). We plan on starting the game at 10:00am followed by the cookout.

  • Dragons in the Swartz Creek News

    Resurgent offense helping Swartz Creek softball team to top of Metro League standings

    , May 17, 2010 4:08 p.m.

  • Varsity Drops 2 to 1st Place Oxford

    Dragons Lose 2 to 1st Place Oxford

    The first game was dominated by Oxford and their pitcher Luxton with 10 strike outs, while allowing only 4 hits resulting in a 10-1 loss for the Dragons. Michaela Krusina had the only RBI, a double, of the game. Hayley Cruthers had 2 doubles and a

  • JV Finish 1-2 at Dragon Invitational

    Simpson and Weekly's hot bat not enough to carry Dragons

    Angie Simpson( 5 for 6) and Emily Weekly (5 for 10) were on fire Saturday at the Swartz Creek Invitational Tournament. The Dragons opened up beating Brighton 14-2 before losing to Clio 7-1 and Howell 11-6.
  • JV Sweeps Lapeer West

    Pitching Duo shuts down Lapeer West

    In game number one Ashlyn Beck allowed only 4 hits as the Dragons beat West 3-2. AJ Brookman threw a 1 hitter in the nightcap to win a tight 2-1 ball game. Lauren Adas and Savannah Doherty were 5-6 on the night hitting.

  • Varsity 2-1 at Dragon Invitational

    Varsity Finishes 2-1 at Dragon Invitational

    The weather was beautiful in Swartz Creek for the annual Dragon Invitational Tournament as the Dragons would attempt to rebound from disappointing losses at Lapeer West Friday. And they did getting 2 wins before losing in the championship

  • Dragons in the Flint Journal

    Freshman Hayley Cruthers has led Swartz Creek's softball team into Metro League championship contention

    , May 15, 2010 7:45 p.m.

  • Varsity Swept at Lapeer West

    Dragons Get Swept by Lapeer West

    The varsity traveled to Lapeer West to take on the Panthers, a team that they have never beat since joining the Flint Metro League. And today the Panthers would just pour salt into that wound as the Dragons blew a lead late in the first game losing

  • JV Splits with Kearsley

    Dragons split with Kearsley

    Dragons defense overcame a couple of 1st inning errors to beat the Kearsley Hornets 6-2. Early game jitters were easily overcome by a big 4 run 6th inning. Eight of nine batters had hits in game one- Lauren Adas, Ashley Bush, Ashlyn Beck (double), AJ
  • Varsity Splits with Kearsley

    Dragons Win Opener, Lose Nightcap

    With television cameras all over the field and the Comcast announcers interviewing coaches and players, the first game at Kearsley was maybe the best played game by the Dragons and an opponent all season. Great defense and pitching by both teams. All

  • JV Splits with Clio


    Game number one proved to be a defensive errorless battle between two outstanding teams. Neither Ashlyn Beck or Haley Harman (Clio) allowed a run until the 6th inning. Katie O'Brien's double followed by Savannah Doherty's RBI single put
  • Varsity Splits with Clio

    Dragons Split with Mustangs

    The Dragons won the opener 6-4 beating Clio for the first time since joining the Flint Metro League. The ladies got off to a good start in the first inning scoring 2 runs on a single by Meagan Photiou followed by a double by Hayley Cruthers. Nicole VanCamp

  • JV Sweeps Holly

    Zyber's Complete Cycle Propels the Dragons

    Haley Zyber's home run, triple, double and single led the Dragons on a hitting barrage Monday night and a 2 game sweep of the Holly Bronchos. The dragons racked Holly for 31 hits, while the pitching staff and tight defense only allowed 5 hits

  • Varsity Sweeps Holly

    Varsity Improves League Record to 5-1 After Sweeping Holly

    Game 1 of the league double-header versus the Holly Bronchos was a nail biter with the Dragons trailing 2-0 heading into the bottom of the 6th inning. But, these ladies have come back so many times throughout the season that

  • JV Wins Quad Classic

    Creek Wins Quad Classic

    Dragons defense shuts down Grand Blanc in championship game to capture the 2nd annual Quad County Classic tournament. The Creeks total team attack proved too much for New Lothrop (10-0), North Branch (3-2) and Grand Blanc (5-1). The Girls allowed only 3 runners

  • Varsity Win 1, Lose 1 at Shepherd

    Dragons Finish 1-1 at Shepherd Tournament

    The Swartz Creek Varsity Softball Team traveled north to Shepherd High School for a tournament, which replaced the Creek Quad Tourney this weekend finishing with a win and a loss.

    In the first game, it was the same ole' Dragons using

  • JV Sweeps Powers


    The Powers Chargers sent three pitchers to the mound in the 4th inning in an attempt to silence the Dragons bats. The Creek squad scored 18 runs in the 4th inning to outlast the Powers Chargers 23-13 in game one. Morgan McGaffigan, Andrea Aldridge and
  • Varsity Sweeps Powers

    Dragons Pummel Powers

    Those popping and cracking sounds you heard Thursday night weren't from the storm that quickly blew through the area or from the various social activities going on around the Chargers' softball field. Nope. It was another unleashing of the Dragons bats on

  • JV Lose 2 Close Games to Linden

    AJ Brookman has stellar night against Linden

    AJ hit a towering solo home run over the left field fence in game one and threw a two hitter in game two. Creek's defense played well vs. a polished pitching staff from the Linden squad. The Dragon's only committed two mental errors on the

  • Varsity Sweeps Linden

    Varsity Sweeps Linden

    The Linden Eagles are likely to have nightmares of the sound of the Dragons bats and visions of them rounding the bases tonight. The Dragons scored 31 runs in the double-header tonight! And in the first game, which more resembled a football score, they needed 17

  • Varsity Wins 2 0f 3 in Bay City

    Varsity Wins 2 of 3 at Bay City Western Tournament

    The Dragons improved their overall record to 7-5 on the season Saturday in Auburn (Bay City Western High School) with wins versus Hemlock and North Branch.

    In the first game against Hemlock, the Dragons used 18 hits 10

  • Varsity Split League & Home Opener With Fenton

    Varsity Gets Come From Behind Win Over Fenton

    In the home and league opener for the 2010 Swartz Creek Varsity softball season, the Dragons dropped the first game 7-3. Creek scored 3 runs in the bottom of the 7th, but fell short in the comeback bid. Meagan Photiou began the rally with

  • JV Sweeps Fenton

    JV Sweeps Fenton

    The JV team launched a hitting assualt against a fine Fenton squad. Fenton sent 4 pitchers to the mound in an attempt to stop the Creek barrage. The JV girls were lead by Lauren Adas with 4 hits, Savannah Doherty with 3 hits including a triple, Katie O'Brien, Ashlyn

  • Varsity Win 1, Lose 2 at Owosso Tournament

    Varsity Win 1st Game, Fall Short In Last Two

    In a day better suited for the Winter Olympics, the Dragons travelled to Owosso for a 3-game Round Robin Tournament versus Owosso, Freeland, & Oxford. The bitter relentless 20 mph wind proved to be a thorn in the side of all the

  • JV Win 1, Lose 2 Close Games at Mt. Pleasant Tournament

    JV Travel to Mt. Pleasant for Tournament

    JV Softball went 1 and 2 on the weekend at the Mount Pleasant Tournament. Lost to Petoskey 7-6 in the "snow" with three early inning errors, beat Fulton 13-2, and lost in a dogfight to Mount Pleasant 7-6. All in all the team played hard with
  • JV Split With Birch Run

    Junior Varsity Split Double-Header With Birch Run

    The Dragons won the first game 11-0 and lost the nightcap 8-1. Ashlyn Beck threw a no hit shut out in the first game with 10 strike outs. A.J. Brookman and Emily Weekly both had 3 hits on the day. Savannah Doherty is leading the
  • Varsity Splits With Birch Run

    Varsity Splits Double Header at Birch Run

    The Dragons scored 18 runs on 24 hits in both games Thursday night, but errors proved costly in the second game. They won the first game 14-3, but lost the nightcap 8-4. The ladies are now 3-1 on the season heading into a 3-game round robin

  • Late Registration - Youth Summer Softball

    Swartz Creek Girls Youth Softball Late Registration

    There will be one more chance to register for the SCGYS summer season....

    WHEN:  TUESDAY, APRIL 13, 2010

    Varsity Wins Road Opener

    Varsity Sweeps Bentely In Season Opener

    The varsity team opened the season Thursday night winning both games on the road versus Bentley by scores of 9-3 and 7-1. Nicole VanCamp had 3 hits with a double and 3 RBIs in the first game. Adilita Roiter also had 3 hits. Gabby Deering had 2

  • 2010 Swartz Creek Varsity Softball Team

    2010 Swartz Creek Softball will bring excitement to the Jacob E. Brisendine Softball Complex this season. The team lost 7 seniors that graduated in 2009 (Kristyn Hinspeter, Brooke Cruthers, Lauren Morse, Lauren Blevins, Megan Bearden, Kristin McMullen, and Ariel Haicl) after winning the

  • Follow Swartz Creek Softball on Twitter

    Tweet Tweet

    What is Twitter? Twitter is basically a messaging system. Swartz Creek will be using Twitter to notify fans, parents, family, coaches, players, & friends when there is breaking news posted on the Dragon web site. Game results, new pictures, team updates, youth program,

  • Coming Soon


    ...coming soon....

  • Jacob Brisendine Softball Complex

    Swartz Creek softball complex named in biggest fan, Jacob Brisendine's honor

    By Laura Angus | Flint Journal

    April 26, 2009, 3:58PM
  • 2009 18U Whaley Champions

    Dragons Win 18U Whaley League Championship

    The Swartz Creek girls finished a perfect 12-0 in the Flint Whaley League's 18U Upper Division in the summer of 2009. On the heels of winning their first district championship in 33 years, the future is looking bright for the Lady Dragons.


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