Dragons in the 2010 CANUSA Games

Dragons in 2010 CANUSA Games

Each year players are selected from the Flint IMA League's summer teams (aka Whaley League) to participate in the annual CANUSA Games in which teams from the Greater Flint Area play teams from the Hamilton area of Ontario, Canada. This year the games were hosted in Flint.

There were 3 teams (14U, 16U, & 18U) with several girls from Swartz Creek representing the USA on all 3 teams. Each age group played 2 games. The visiting team only needs to win one game to win the series towards the overall standings, which includes numerous sports from lawn bowling to basketball. The Flint 14U won both of their games, while the Flint 16U lost a pair with the 18U teams splitting the series. This year Flint won the overall competition.

Here is a link to the WSMH FOX 66 web site where there are videos from each day of the CANSUA Games.

Below are some pictures from the 18U team taken by Cheryl Krusina. The 4 players from Swartz Creek are Savannah Dougherty, Meagan Photiou, Michaela Krusina, & Hayley Cruthers. Swartz Creek Varsity Coaches Rick Clolinger & Nellie Guajardo were selected to coach the 18U team this summer.