Beth Northway - Impossible is Nothing

My Fight to Live a Softball Dream

Authored by Beth Northway
Other Bob Northway

beth_northway_bookImpossible is Nothing is the true story of Beth Northway, an elite college softball player who battles serious injury, painful rehabilitation, the doubts of others, and her own frustration to achieve her dream in a final magical season. Along the way, she finds reservoirs of strength and perseverance she didn't know existed. She carries coaches, teammates, family and friends into uncharted territories of loyalty, friendship and love. And on the eve of that final season, Beth finds peace in the realization that she is already living a dream, even if it's not the one she set out to achieve so many years before.

Beth's is a story of unconventional triumph, appealing to aspiring young athletes, parents, coaches, and anyone else who will find inspiration in the spirit of an athlete who answers discouragement with proud defiance and a refusal to quit. It is also a behind-the-scenes look at the still emerging phenomenon of women's sports, providing a glimpse of the passion that burns inside young women who aspire to compete at the highest level of their games. Most important of all, it is a story of a girl's path to womanhood and the strength and resiliency she gains in preparation for life after sports.



In a letter Beth wrote to Coach Donny Dreher:

"Hi Donny,

My Dad and I wrote a book about my experience as a youth, travel, and college softball player and we wanted you to have a copy to read and share.

We wrote the book to tell my story, but also to share what we know about becoming the best softball athlete you can be, finding a travel program that can help you fulfill your dreams, and ultimately how to capture the attention of college coaches and earn a spot on a college roster.  We don't know it all, but just about all we know we learned from you.  Thank you again for that.

Since my career didn't go as planned, we also wanted to encourage other girls not to give up at the first (or second) sign of adversity.  You never know what can happen when you believe that "Impossible is Nothing".

Our only rule in writing the book was to keep it positive.  There is enough negativity out there to discourage players today.  You taught us that way back in 16u ball.

I hope the chapters on Finesse provide a strong supporting statement for the club.  You, Bill, Kevin, Tommie, and the rest of the Finesse coaching and management staff deserve a lot of credit for helping girls like me achieve our dreams.  I can't thank you enough.

If you have girls who you feel could find inspiration in my story, or just the added confidence to overcome a batting slump, or other bump in the road, perhaps you'll want to encourage them to read my story.

Thanks again Donny!

Beth Northway (Finesse Alumni)"