Remember Last Year?


Do you remember last year's weather?  Yea....kind of hard to forget. Yell  But, just in case I have a couple photos I used in articles in late April last year to remind you.  Few people can ever recall such a wet and cold spring, even in Michigan. 

Ah but then there's 2012.  The weather has been so amazing that the girl's have been practicing outside since the last day of tryouts.  There was about a foot of snow on the ground last year during the same week with the first several games getting snowed out.  And of course after the snow ended the cold rains began canceling too many games to mention.  The winter was harsh with a lot of snow with a spring full of heavy rain that carried on all the way through the end of may.  Gooooood Riddens 2011!

Hellooooo 2012! Cool  I took these pictures of the varsity practicing last night on March 22nd.  The temperature was 84 degrees and the girls had to take a few extra water breaks.  Here's hoping to a continued mild spring with no rain outs....and certainly no snow outs.   

I'm sure they'll be a season preview article or two coming out shortly in the local papers and I'll link to them as soon as they are published.  I can tell you this:  There are extremely high expectations for this year's varsity team and the girl's are eager to get the season underway!