League & District Awards Announced


fml_logoWith the success of the 2012 Swartz Creek Dragons Varsity Softball Team it should be no surprise that they brought home many league and district awards. League awards are based only on the player's stats from their league play. District awards are based upon the player's stats for the entire season as well as play in the district games. League awards are 1st team, 2nd team, and honorable mention. Player's can receive 1 or 2 points from each coach in the league, where the highest point totals determine what level of award they receive. A player that receives 2 points from every coach in the league is a "Unanimous" vote getter. There are league awards for Pitchers, First Baseman, Infield (Second Base, Short Stop, & Third Base combined for 4 total awards), Catcher, Outfield (4 awards), and At-Large (Basically like a Designated Hitter). District awards are by position and only one level (like 1st team league) and are necessary for a player to be considered for Regional and All-State Awards.


Congratulations to all of the Dragon Award Winners and to the entire team, which is the winningest team of all time for the Swartz Creek Varsity Softball Program.


In the past these awards were announced at the Softball Banquet after the season was over. Since their season is still going (YEA!), they had to announce them prior to next week's banquet. The player's will receive their official awards at the banquet. Below are this year's award winners for the Dragons.


Flint Metro League Awards

1st Team All-League

  • 1st Base - Gabby Deering - Senior (Unanimous)
  • Infield - Hayley Cruthers (SS) - Junior (Unanimous)
  • At-Large - Michaela Krusina - Senior
  • Pitcher - Carah Pletscher - Sophomore
  • Catcher - Lauren Adas - Junior


Honorable Mention All-League

  • Outfield - Andrea Aldridge - Senior
  • Infield - Hailey Fox (2B) - Sophomore



All District Awards

  • 1st Base - Gabby Deering - Senior
  • 2nd Base - Hailey Fox - Sophomore
  • Short Stop - Hayley Cruthers - Junior
  • Pitcher - Carah Pletscher - Sophomore
  • At-Large - Lauren Adas (C) - Junior
  • Utility - AJ Brookman (P) - Junior
  • Outfield - Michaela Krusina - Senior
  • Outfield - Andrea Aldridge - Senior