Creek Girls Dominate in Winter Ball


Many of the Swartz Creek high school softball players participated in the indoor leagues at the Genesee Fieldhouse this winter.  There were 2 sessions, the first from November through December and the second from January through February.   Creek had two teams in each session.  Bill Black coached the younger of the two teams and Tony Pletscher & Greg Cruthers coached the older girls.  There was also a tournament in the first weekend of March in which the older girls played.


The games had 1 hour and 15 minute time limits.  Each session consisted of 7 games.  The tournament was 4 games.  So, the older girls got 18 total games in for the winter, while the younger squad played 14 games.  Some of the younger girls (pitchers) also got a chance to fill in a couple games with the older team and did a great job.  Because of the time limits the rosters were intentionally kept small with usually only 10 girls on hand for each game.  It's great experience for the girls in a relaxed format where the fundamentals are stressed and the girls are exposed to a lot of valuable game situations they'll encounter during the high school season. 


Tony Pletscher, Carah Pletscher, AJ Brookman, Lauren Black, Ashley Dusseau, Greg Cruthers

Tabby Miller, Hayley Cruthers, Lauren Adas, Hanna Sayles

Emily Rodriguez, Hailey Fox


The older squad (above picture from the tourney) went 4-0 to win the tournament scoring 31 runs, while only allowing 3. Even more impressive concerning the tournament was the fact that Creek was the only high school team.  All the other team's were travel teams.  The older girls finished with a 17-2-1 record this winter.


Greg Cruthers said,  "Tony and I put the girls in positions we believed they may be playing for the school teams in the future.  We tried to teach them those positions and see how they handled the situations and pressure of the competition.  We were very aggessive offensively and defensively.  We really worked on small-ball doing bunt and runs, fake bunt and runs, bunting with 2 strikes, and suicide squeeze plays.  And we had a lot of success manufacturing runs doing so.  Our pitchers and catchers called their own games too, which was also very successful.  We also worked hard on base running, situational base running, and taking extra bases every chance we could.  We tried to get our girls to realize their strengths as hitters with emphasis on plate discipline.  We really believe the girls made tremendous progress through the winter and we are all anxious for the upcoming season.   The highly successful 2012 Varsity team was comprised of mostly power hitters.  This year's team should be more balanced with power and a lot of speed, great pitching, and improved defense.  Many times the difference between winning and losing comes down to the little things.  And the girls did a great job learning and executing those things this winter."


Girls who participated in either one or more of the sessions with the older squad and tournament include: Carah Pletscher, AJ Brookman, Lauren Black, Ashley Dusseau, Tabby Miller, Hayley Cruthers, Hanna Sayles, Emily Rodriguez, Hailey Fox, Madison Henry, Kylee Corwin, Gabby Oberlin, Abby McGuire, Jamie Perigo, & Lauren Pletscher.


Girls who participated in either one or more of the sessions with the younger team include: McKenzie McDaniels, Abby Stringer, Danielle Heron, Molly Seaton, Kaitlyn Anderson, Stephanie Bloss, Rachel Gould, Bridget Buchanan, Hailey Dupuis, Abigail Gilmore, Jenni Moss, Kylee Corwin, Madison Henry, Madi Wolfe, Meghan Bleck, Pheobe Cross.