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What is Twitter? Twitter is basically a messaging system. Swartz Creek will be using Twitter to notify fans, parents, family, coaches, players, & friends when there is breaking news posted on the Dragon web site. Game results, new pictures, team updates, youth program, and clinics, etc. will be posted throughout the year on the web site. Joining Twitter will allow you to receive notifications via text messages sent to your cell phone of when such news is posted on the web site. You can also follow Swartz Creek Softball by logging into your Twitter account without text messaging.

Joining Twitter is fast, easy, and free. After you sign-up, you can begin following Swartz Creek Softball by clicking on this link (Follow Swartz Creek Softball on Twitter) or the Twitter icon in the lower left side of the web site. Below is a screen shot of the Swartz Creek Softball Twitter page. There are two green icons circled: One to follow via cell phone text messages and the other via the Twitter web site. For text message updates, go to the mobile link on your Twitter profile page and follow the instructions.


Note - The individual teams may be using Twitter as well for team specific/private updates such as game or practice time changes, rain delays, cancellations, etc. Your coaches and/or team managers may be contacting you with additional information if they decide to use Twitter for these purposes.

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