Varsity Swept at Lapeer West

Dragons Get Swept by Lapeer West

The varsity traveled to Lapeer West to take on the Panthers, a team that they have never beat since joining the Flint Metro League. And today the Panthers would just pour salt into that wound as the Dragons blew a lead late in the first game losing 5-2. The wheels fell completely off the bus in the nightcap. No sugar-coating this game. Nope...not 10-0.

Creek was losing 1-0 until taking the lead in the 3rd inning with a double by Sydney Saidoo and an RBI single by Adilita Roiter. Hayley Cruthers RBI double scored Roiter and that would be the end of the once mighty Dragon Offense for the day. West scored 4 runs in the bottom of the 5th inning on 5 hits, 2 bunts, and a couple errors to take the lead for good. Chris Burt went 3-3. Adilita Roiter was 2-3.

The nightcap was a game that's best forgotten. There's just no good way to put it. 4 errors, several wild pitches, and a whole lot of offense by the Panthers all but destroyed the Dragons hopes for any chance contending for the league championship. The ladies managed only 3 hits in the game. Michaela Krusina and Adilita Roiter had singles. Hayley Cruthers had a double.

Players must have short memories in the world of sports. Whether good or bad, today is over and the only that matters is what you do tomorrow. You know the saying, "What have you done for me lately?" Well, tomorrow the Dragons host a tournament with an opportunity to put those wheels back on the bus and get rolling again. The weather is going to be as good as we've seen lately so come on out and join us at the fields tomorrow for both JV and Varsity games all day long starting at 9:00am.