2013 All-Region Awards & Miss Softball Nomination



The team success of the Dragons has once again helped to reward some players for their outstanding play this season. The Regional Awards, like the League & District Awards, have been announced prior to the softball banquet. Players will receive their official awards at the banquet.


Regional Awards work like the District Awards. The players are competing by position with all players from the region. They are based upon the player's stats for the entire season. In order for a player to be considered for All-Region, they must have received an All-District Award. These awards are by a player's fielding position. Each position has a number of award winners, which are ranked 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.  There are also 2 positions, Utility and DP, which were added in 2012 to be eligible to receive All-Region awards.


Each Region's award winners will be considered for All-State Honors by position and according to their ranking for each division.  There are 4 divisions with Swartz Creek in division 1. So for example, each 1st ranked pitcher from the 8 division 1 regions compete for All-State and then Honorable Mention All-State. It is also possible for a player who is ranked 2nd in their region to receive an award over a player ranked 1st in another region. The All-State awards will be selected after all of the championship games have been completed and the high school season is officially over, which is Saturday June 15th.


There are 6 outfield All-State (AS) awards and 6 Honorable Mention (HM) awards. There are 3 AS awards for short stop and 5 HM awards. There are 3 AS awards for third base and 3 HM awards. There are 3 AS awards for second base and 5 HM awards. There are 4 AS awards for first base and 3 HM awards. There are 3 AS awards for catcher and 2 HM awards. There are 7 AS awards for pitcher and 6 HM awards.  There are 3 AS awards for Utility and 3 HM awards.  There are 2 AS awards for DP and 2 HM awards.


Miss Softball

In addition to all of these awards there is also an annual award named "Miss Softball".  There are only 2 Miss Softball awards for the entire state (all divisions), one for a pitcher and one a position player, which includes all other positions except pitcher.  They are special awards that only senior's can win. Typically, each region nominates 1 or 2 senior players for these awards.


In our region one player was nominated for the Position Miss Softball award.  That player is Hayley Cruthers.  The award winners will be selected after the season has been completed, which is Saturday June 15th.


Congratulations to all of the Dragon Award Winners and to the entire team on another great season and second Flint Metro League Championship!


All Region Awards

  • Hayley Cruthers - Shortstop - 1st (ranking)
  • Allie Jo Brookman - Utility - 1st
  • Carah Pletscher - Pitcher - 3rd