2017 All-Metro League, All-District & All-Region Awards


Congratulations to all of the Dragon Award Winners.  League awards are based only on the player's stats from their league play. District awards are based upon the player's stats for the entire season as well as play in the district games.


League awards are 1st team, 2nd team, and honorable mention. Player's can receive 1 or 2 points from each coach in the league, where the highest point totals determine what level of award they receive. A player that receives 2 points from every coach in the league is a "Unanimous" vote getter. There are league awards for Pitchers, First Baseman, Infield (Second Base, Short Stop, & Third Base combined for 4 total awards), Catcher, Outfield (4 awards), and At-Large (Basically like a Designated Hitter).


District awards are by position and only one level (like 1st team league) and are necessary for a player to be considered for Regional and All-State Awards.


The player's will receive their official awards on the Softball Awards Night. Below are this year's award winners for the Dragons.

Flint Metro League Awards


1st Team

  • Kylie Pierce - Catcher
  • Rachel Mackey - Pitcher (unanimous)


2nd Team

Madison Majestic - Outfield


Honorable Mention

Rachel Scofield - IF

All-Districts Awards

  • Outfield - Lily Majestic
  • Catcher - Kylie Pierce
  • Pitcher - Rachel Mackey
  • Shortstop - Allison Dusseau
  • 2B - Rachel Scofield

All-Region Awards

  • Kylee Pierce - At Large
  • Rachel Mackey - Pitcher